Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Conversations--Little Advocate for Adoption!!

Esther had a little friend over to play the other day, and I was privileged to hear their little conversation as I was pushing them together in the swing... it went something like this....

Esther..." Did you know we're going to get a little baby?"
Lillian... " you are?"
Esther..." Yes--we are adopting a little baby from Ethiopia."
Lillian... "a real little baby?"
Esther..." Yes--and you should adopt a little baby--tell your mom!"
Lillian... "Oh yes, I want a little baby and a little baby cat!!"

of course her 'little friend' is wearing a POPPY DIP!!


  1. How sweet - my 5 year old LOVES to tell people about our adoption as well! I'm so glad that we're helping to raise a generation who is going to be much more aware about the need then my generation is! :0)

  2. that is so cute and funny! Sweet girls :)